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Rasharkin Residents Association

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Ballymaconnelly Parade Report 2005
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A UDA-linked band marches through Rasharkin
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Welcome to our web site!

The Rasharkin Residents Association was founded in 2005 to try and find a resolution to the issue of disputed parades through the North Antrim village which is located in the North of Ireland. On this website we plan to include our Constitution, Regular news bulletins and the 2006 updated version of the Ballymaconnelly Parade Report which was compiled by Rasharkin residents in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the loyalist parade.

Another UDA-linked band marching through Rasharkin in August 2005. In 2004 a member of this band (whilst parading) split open a local woman's head with his flute. A year later and the Parades Commission have placed no restrictions on the same band marching through the area.